About us

Skagit Building Salvage is a for-profit locally owned business committed to the service of recycling building materials, preserving our architectural heritage and providing an affordable and fun shopping experience. Our unique department store provides an organized assortment of virtually every building component. Shoppers of all kinds will find doors, windows, plumbing, electrical, millwork, tile, cabinets, lumber, flooring, masonry and much more priced at approximately half of current big box store prices!

Skagit Building Salvage also specializes in providing unique, hard to find period architecturals and collectables. Whether you are looking for a door, cabinet or an unusual window, our experienced, creative, and friendly staff is here to help you with your project.

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Store History
Skagit Building Salvage was created in 2008 to provide the much needed service of general building material recycling to Skagit County. We started down the road in a tiny structure of 2200 square feet.  Today, with the continued support of Skagit and neighboring counties, we have grown and now fill a 13,000 square foot warehouse on over one and a half acres.

Brandon Cardinal: Co-owner
Brandon’s recycling career began at the age of nine when, on weekends, he would fill his mom’s car with aluminum cans he collected from beer drinkers at a nearby lake. After graduating from Western Washington University with a B.S. in Environmental Policy and a concentration in environmental education, Brandon moved to the Olympic Peninsula where, for nine years, he owned and operated two used building material stores.


David Mahlum: Co-owner
David has loved old junk since he was a kid rummaging around the local dump in Duvall for treasure with his father. This continued as he moved around between Bellingham, Seattle and Orcas Island haunting the local reuse stores. After many years working with at risk teenagers, David began to work with found metal to create odd sculptures. And now as co-owner of Skagit Building Salvage, he gets to wander daily in his own store and help other junk hounds.


Don Huddleston: Store Manager
Don Huddleston- known by locals as Buck- is a third generation LaConner boy and a steady component of our sometimes crazy operation.  With a background in boat building and a general interest in most things, he is knowledgeable about a lot or effectively pretends to be. Refrain from asking him about vintage stereo equipment or we will be forced to raise our prices.